Wednesday, October 03, 2007

God's Sovereignty and Singleness

from an engagement story written by Genevieve Smith in her weekly email newsletter. I thought the following was very good and should be shared here:

I am 27, and knowing about His sovereignty has been a wonderful and beautiful thing in my
life. It has given me the freedom to concentrate on what God wants me to do now without
worrying about the future...

Knowing that God is sovereign has enabled me to be content, to trust God in two ways: 1)
to know the desires of my heart and 2) to give me what was best for me, either singleness
or marriage; and if marriage, then to the right sort of man.
All these years God has been saying to me, “I am sovereign. Believe in me. Trust in Me. Be
content. Have faith. Have hope. Pursue Purity. Obey Me.” And guess what I recently
discovered? While I have been trying to do all these things with the help of the Holy Spirit,
He has been preparing someone for me who fulfils the desires of my heart and then some,
who is a gift far beyond anything I could have dreamed of, hoped for or believed was
possible! I can’t help but get this picture of God smilingly encouraging me along and
knowing what a treat He had in store for me just around the corner. “Be patient!”

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