Monday, June 09, 2008

Just for Jacob:

Big thanks to Jacob for pointing out that someone important was missing from the photographs below: our family photographer, Landon. Poor guy is always behind the camera, but he does sometimes get caught in front of the lens as well as behind. :-)

Also, my dad was missing below as he did not attend the concert since he was on his way to California that day. I meant to mention that, forgot, then didn't feel like going in to edit my post. Lazy me. :-)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Concerts in The Garden

Parker looks serious.
Guess how the boys passed their time?
(we had a lot of it - 3 hours to be exact!)
But it was worth it!

The conductor sometime during the concert.

And the music in full swing! It was the night of Big Band and Swing favorites.
Crowd pleasing still, some 60 years later.

The place was packed.
The actual lawn stretched out much farther from where we were, which was close to the stage. I was really surprised at how many people still enjoy Big Band music.
I have enjoyed it for many years and am loving the huge resurgence it is making.

A great highlight of the evening was to see couples young and old hit the street swing dancing during the concert.
(note to self: take lessons before next year's' concert)
The evening concluded with a magnificent display of fireworks. Even Kathryn enjoyed them, reaching up her little arms and trying to touch them.
What a great beginning to summer!

Kathryn at CITG

Kathryn was an absolute angel the whole time. She even seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, though probably for different reasons...
Kathryn and Mimi spent a lot of time together
getting sleepy
and the orchestra was already into it full blast by now. She was totally unfazed... you can see
Isn't she precious?!

Concerts in The Garden

Random photos

Landon, the official photographer for this blog (and yes, that means that I steal his pictures for publishing on here, lol) uses Canon while Trent prefers Nikon. I believe this leads to some friendly photo rivalries. ;-)

Concerts in The Garden

Here Lexi takes a picture of the photographer:
The photographer takes a picture of Lexi and Mom:
Sculpture of a... Cowgirl?

Concerts in The Garden

A crowd gathers in the gardens. We were early enough to snag a lawn area in front of the stage. It's a small area which is "first come first serve", then there are reserved tables, then another lawn area which is farther away from the stage.
While we picnicked the old fashioned way (on blanket covered grass), some people picnicked in quite the modern way:

A miniature picnic table! What will they think of next?! :-)

Here Ashley walks up the grass aisle. I don't even want to know how Landon got this angled shot from the ground. ;-)

Concerts in The Garden

And the girls occupied themselves with this adorable bit of entertainment:

Concerts in The Garden

This is what the boys did while waiting for the concert lawn to be opened: