Monday, February 27, 2006

WWSS?(What Would Spurgeon Say?)

One of the best resourses on the internet for Spurgeon readers is, without a doubt, the Spurgeon website, put together and vigilantly kept by Phil Johnson. Every week on his blog, Phil posts a "weekly dose" of Spurgeon's writings. It's simply amazing how relevant the Prince of Preachers is even today. The words he wrote over a century ago still speak loud and clear in our Postmodern days. Take a look at this week's "dose" and tell me that those words aren't meant for us, too. It really makes me wonder what Spurgeon would say if he were alive today. A man that was disgusted over a Punch and Judy show then would surely grieve today over the entertaining church services, even the "conservative " ones that just have a praise band, for instance. Perhaps it was so upsetting to him because he knew the progression the church would make from there. A little harmless puppet show... A game of musical chairs... A choir production... A theatrical worship service on Sunday morning. And it only took us about 100 years to get this far. Can you imagine another 100 years? Do you even want to? It's rather scary, isn't it, to think that things so seemingly , presented with the best of intentions, can go so sinfully awry?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

End Of The Spear

I am a little late to weigh in on the End of The Spear controversy (for a good reason as this blog was only started a few days ago), but now is just as good of a time as any, especially since I came across this piece by Marvin Olasky just yesterday when I picked up last week's issue of WORLD magazine (which had been hiding in my brother's bookshelf). I am not a fan of Marvin Olasky's by any definition, but I had to appreciate his delicate handling of a volatile issue. He maintained an even handed, calm tone even as he looked at both sides of the controversy, which is more than what I can say for most of the articles and blog posts that I have read since the movie's release and the subsequent revealing of Chad Allen's homosexuality. Skip everything else and just read this; you'll cover more ground and save time, and also be treated to a truly professional, gracious response to the movie's controversy.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Why another blog?

I realize that I am probably the 100 millionth blog to be created here in cyberspace. I have resisted getting a blog for several years because I didn't want to add to the cacophony of noise already being broadcasted around the internet; after all, what could I add that would be of interest or relevance to anyone but myself? To be honest with you and with myself, the answer is: nothing. So why the blog? First and foremost, this blog is primarily for my own edification. I need to sharpen my writing skills, and so I present them for public consumption and criticism. If you can give me any pointers, advice or criticisms on any of my posts, I would welcome and appreciate them. Second, I think that having a blog is a wonderful way to encourage other people by posting thoughts or links to articles that I personally find encouraging and beneficial to my spiritual or physical life. I'm not a scholar and I can't offer anything on here but my perspectives on the ironies, sorrows, eccentricities and joys that I find in life, found through the things that I enjoy doing most.