Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Garage Sale 2007

Here are just a few pictures from our fall garage sale we had over a month ago. It was a successful day, in terms of good fellowship and yummy food with our friends. Alas, I did not take any pictures and our friends took some, which I am using here, but we were pretty busy all day so there aren't as many photos as there would normally be. But I guess it just goes to show that we were so busy having fun, we didn't want to stop for pictures. :-)

It is always such a joy to have our friends visit and to spend time with them. ( How long now until the next garage sale... ? :-) )

A trademark of our garage sales: junk. Lots of it. It was all treasure to us at one time before it was junk, and now it's regained status to be treasure to someone else.

Landon sets up our clothes rack: PVC connected into a long rectangle. It held up very well.

Visiting with the shoppers.

The driveway was not sufficient, we had to use the front lawn as well. It was a good one, people. That much stuff makes a very good garage sale.

Ashley and Joseph. We are so glad to see him back to his normal, funny ways after watching him fight off serious illness this year.

And that's it - until Spring/Summer!

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