Monday, October 15, 2007

Info-Techno Sabbath

A great article on Boundless detailing the benefits of an information and technology free Sabbath. This is something my family has been doing for awhile now and we have seen many wonderful results from this practice. It's so refreshing to take a break from technology and to spend a day resting from time enslavements like email, blogs or forums. One good point to note, and the author does this in the article as well, is that it is easy to make a practice legalistic and you need to avoid this. We occasionally find that we have to use the internet on Sundays, like in an instance a couple of weeks ago when we were making a stop by someone's home after leaving church and we got lost. My sister pulled out her BlackBerry for directions on Google, and that's okay. The point isn't that we absolutely, positively cannot touch the computer on Sunday, it's really just about showing the Lord that we can fast from something very important to us so that we can put more focus on worshipping Him, because He is far better and more important than internet.

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