Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ducks' Ditty

I found this poem by Kenneth Grahame in a children's poetry collection and combined it with some great duck pictures that Landon took, which seemed to fit the text nicely. I have to admit that I do enjoy the simplicity of children's stories and poems..

All along the backwater,
Through the rushes tall,
Ducks are a-dabbling,
Up tails all!

Ducks' tails, drakes' tails,
Yellow feet a-quiver,
Yellow bills all out of sight,
Busy in the river!

Slushy green undergrowth
Where the roach swim--
Here we keep our larder,
Cool and full and dim.

Every one for what he likes!
We like to be
Heads down, tails up,
Dabbling free!

High in the blue above
Swifts whirl and call--
We are down a-dabbling,
Up tails all!

by Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932)

all photos by Landon