Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Day At Canton

Editor's note: Post almost fixed! You can see all of the pictures but one.

On Thursday morning early, Mom, Ashley, Lexi and my sister-in-law, Sarah, drove to Canton for a day of bargain shopping at the huge "First Monday" flea market. Below are some pictures from our fun day.

Here Sarah takes a close look at some antiques. She scored a beautiful rose painting on canvas, unframed, for the baby's room from this vendor.

Ashley and Mom absorbing ideas in a beautiful booth. Mom scored a beautiful vase that now sits on our piano. Notice the Christmas trees? Canton vendors are getting ready for the holiday.

An outside vendor with lots of fun junk. Shutters in need of paint, old kitchen items, toys, furniture... One of the joys of shopping at Canton was sorting through pure junk and finding all kinds of treasures.

Ashley and Sarah were examining a window shutter, I think. Notice Sarah's fabulous hat? It's from Costa Rica and is made (obviously!) for shielding face and scalp from a hot sun She is obviously the smartest, savviest, out-of-doors shopper in the family. She came with her backpack, sunscreen, hat, trail mix and large bottle of water. Smart, smart . We walked around toasted, hungry, thirsty, with our arms aching from carrying bags and wished we had had half of her foresight. And we have lived in Texas much longer! :)

Ahh, lunch time! Here Ashley and Sarah are in line ordering homemade sandwiches and salads. We all shared a peanut butter pie and a snickerdoodle (I think - or something similar) pie as well.

My "baby" sister. Isn't she beautiful? :)

Mom texting. (More money? Please?!) You can see where Lexi comes by her loveliness.


Ah, yes, I'm sitting and tired at the end of the day. But it was so much fun! We filled our SUV's trunk with newfound treasures big and small. I think everyone got something at Canton, but the prize for the best bargain find probably goes to Lexi for finding a 1930's Royal typewriter in near-perfect condition for $60. I believe they usually fetch a hefty sum on eBay.

We are already saving our money for next month's trip. Mom even bought paper cups and lids so that we can share coffee drinks while we are out and put our saved dollars into the Canton fund. :)


Anonymous said...

no picutes show up on my computer for this post

Mrs. Molder

ps - check out my website soon

Anonymous said...

great pics - what a great day yall had!!!

personally, I do not want to do anything else outside until until it cools off :)

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

The heat was the only drawback to a great shopping experience. I'm not sure how the vendors survive when it's summertime! Hopefully it will be much cooler in November. (Notice the key word in previous sentence: hopefully?! The heat seems pretty endless right now!) :)