Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

I've tried deal-finding on Black Friday but never have much success. I think if you're planned and can map out the deals on BF, then it must be a great way to knock out your Christmas shopping at once and enjoy the season without feeling that you have to shop every day for someone. As for myself, I don't enjoy the feel of rushed, frenzied shopping - it feels so chaotic and cheerless. I love spending time looking for gifts that are meaningful and will please the person I'm giving it to. If I can save money, I do, but not if it ultimately is inconvenient or stressful trying to get a deal on it. I use sales if they're convenient, or just purchase at places where I can get a discount, such as Target (I save 5% with the debit card), Barnes and Noble (members get 10% off every day), or (students get a free year of Prime membership). This year my sister and I are making some of our gifts in an effort to have a more hands-on, meaningful Christmas.

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