Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions

I don't have my own family yet, so I'm not sure what traditions I will incorporate one day when I do. The traditions that I remember and still love are the ones that my family has created over the years. Looking at Christmas lights with my family - as we've gotten older, it's not only become more enjoyable, but often hilarious. Making shortbread from an old family recipe. Drinking peppermint mochas. Watching favorite Christmas movies. Listening to holiday music. Getting my yearly ornament (my mom gives ornaments every year to her children and grandchildren - she spends a lot of time finding ornaments that relate to something specific that we have enjoyed during the year, or is just something that we like (mine is usually espresso related). The Christmas Eve party at my grandmother's and then the midnight Christmas Eve candlelight service at my church - a beautiful and hushed way to welcome Christmas Day every year.

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