Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer Fun

Here we are enjoying a recent Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers game at the Ballpark in Arlington. I guess we like baseball - this was the 2nd baseball game in a month for my family and the 3rd time for me. :)

Parker, Mom, and Landon about to head in.

We had four tickets from a rained out game and then 3 that we bought at the last minute (the tickets were reduced drastically for the home games last week). So Mom, Parker, and Lexi sat on this side of the ballpark and the rest of us were on the other side, exactly opposite from this picture.

Sometime during the game, Mom, Parker and Lexi moved to these seats - long, long story...

but the seats were much better!

For whatever reason (discounted tickets? $1 hotdog night?) the game was packed that night.

We joined them near the game's end. Here Hunter passes mom a ball of yarn that I wanted her to see. (yes, I was knitting at the game...)
Families have so much fun together. :)


rockingchair said...

i think knitting is a fabulous way to redeem the time at a baseball game!

Shelbi said...

That's what I thought, too - baseball games are so long that it helps to have something to do while there. I was surprised security let me through with my sharp, metal needles! I began to knit and then realized after awhile that it takes a lot of confidence (courage maybe?) to knit in public - something I quickly lost after seeing the looks on my seat neighbors' faces. :)