Monday, August 31, 2009

Lovely Summer Days

I can't remember ever having an August as comfortable and cool as we have had this year. After weeks of warm (but far from oppressive) 90 degree temperatures, we experienced a warm front with temperatures reaching highs of 100+. Last week a cool front came through and knocked the temperatures down to the 80's daytime, 60's at night. I could almost believe I live in some other state, this is so unlike Texas! On Saturday I took a walk in my local park and noted the flowing creek (usually dry this time of year), the clear blue sky dotted with snow-white clouds, the swooping birds and dainty butterflies that danced in front of me, and the deliciously cool breeze in my face. It was unbelievable for a mid-morning in August. Yesterday, taking advantage of the north winds and sunny skies, I took my book and a cup of green tea out to the backyard hummingbird garden and sat at the garden table. For awhile, all was peaceful (except for occasional shouts from a pool party at a neighbor's house). I was intent on my book when I heard a steady, low chirping. Looking up I saw a hummingbird at the feeder nearby. I watched him above the blooming flowers as he visited again and again, always flying up into a nearby tree before returning for more nectar. Eventually, various birds began to gather at the other feeders and bees began dancing and buzzing around the nearby flowers... and I realized that I was surrounded by nature. I couldn't read anymore for watching all that was taking place in front of me, but I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a Sunday than being in the middle of my Creator's marvelous handiwork.

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