Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate

I will be watching with the rest of the country. I'm very curious, as I imagine everyone else is.
The media, tentatively criticizing Sarah Palin at first, have gained momentum in the past couple of weeks. I know that the interview Sarah Palin did with Katie Couric was widely panned, but I think everyone should be made aware of the difference in the way she was interviewed compared with Couric's interview with Biden two days before Palin's. Here is Palin's interview (part one and two), here is Biden's. You don't have to watch more than a few minutes to see the huge difference. In the interview with Palin, Katie Couric interviews her in a darkened room, leans into Sarah Palin in an aggressive way, looks stern, asks questions in a near sarcastic tone, and does her best (to me anyway) to not put Palin at ease. She asked tough questions and is unrelenting when Palin can't answer in a way satisfactory to Couric.
In the Biden interview, Couric is relaxed, lounging on his couch while she interviews him on his bus and among his supporters. She never once asks a tough question. Not once. He smiled, laughed, his happy campaign pictures flashed across the screen as his supporters cheered him on camera, while Sarah Palin looked like a criminal placed for questioning. Nobody panned Biden's interview because there was nothing to pan.
I don't mind watching tough interviews because I think it is a test of a candidate's ability to talk about issues away from a debate or campaign setting. But please, please be fair and treat both opponents equally. Couric's interviews were just another example of distorted media bias. Where are the real journalists out there who will refuse to let their political ideologies get in the way of their reporting?

When you find one, let me know, k? :-)

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