Thursday, October 09, 2008

True Womanhood

I regret not having made a serious commitment to attending this conference for women going on now in Chicago. Thankfully, this amazing event is being shown via live feed here (register for free and then you're good to go), where you can watch the sessions and even the worship (with the Getty's leading it! My favorite team of modern hymn writers). Catch it live, otherwise you'll have to pay for the archives. It is worth your time to tune in, believe me. Tim Challies is also live blogging it here. I am lifting from his page this part from John Piper's message tonight:

"...wimpy theology makes wimpy women. The opposite of a wimpy woman is not a brash, pushy, loud, uppity, arrogant Amazon, but a woman of character (and here he provided several examples of faithful, suffering women). Wimpy theology does not give a woman a God big enough or good enough to deal with the realities of life and still rejoice. This poor theology is plagued by woman-centeredness; it does not have the granite foundation of God’s sovereignty underneath; it does not have the structure of a God-centered purpose for all human life."

Go read the rest.

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