Saturday, September 22, 2007

Muslim Outreach

"The most dangerous thing a Muslim can do is leave Islam—no matter what the reason" (Mark Gabriel, Islam and Terrorism, p. 59).

"Islam says that human rights are unnecessary because they are also a man-made idea that is not found in the Quran" (Mark Gabriel, Islam and Terrorism, p. 55).

HT: Doug Wilson

I was blessed to be able to hear a talk on Muslim outreach given by Brother Andrew the other night. What an amazing, God-exalting, humble missionary. He addressed the desperate need for mission work in Islamic countries, and challenged us to show compassion and love to this largely unreached people group. He said that "there are no places where you cannot go, as long as you don't expect to come back." Brother Andrew is just as active in delivering Bibles and sharing the Gospel today as he was when he first began his work 50 years ago in communist countries. Thank God for this man's dedication to the spreading of the Gospel, despite all of the dangers and difficulties he has experienced in his life's work. He is an extraordinary example of true faith and a dedicated missionary; a humble man exhibiting a love for the lost, coupled with compassion for the people he works with and an exuberant zeal to share the Gospel wherever he is.

To learn more of Brother Andrew's work and ministry, visit his website. You can also read his book, God's Smuggler and his newest, Secret Believers.

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