Saturday, May 19, 2007

Come Take a Hike With Me

Yesterday I accompanied my mom, brother, sister, aunt and cousins on a hike through a local nature preserve. We didn't even try to explore all 20 miles of the preserve and just tackled the trail leading onto a lake island. A small journey, but a satisfying one.

Lexi gets started.

Cactus blooms.

A cardinal perches above us.

Cousins exploring and discovering.

Cone flowers.

Lovely, delicate blue flower.

Dragonflies were everywhere. One persistent fellow flew ahead of us for awhile. When we stopped, he buzzed around. When we walked on, he would stay just ahead of us.

More yellow cactus blossoms.

A lovely shade of purple.

Lake in the background. Some white plant in the foreground.

The lake.

Look closely - what can you see?
I see two little eyes looking at me.

The trumpet vines were in profuse bloom.

There were many butterflies flying around us, some of which were very colorful and the size of a large hand.

A caterpillar inching his way up.

More trumpet vine.

A tree in profuse, pink bloom.

All photos by LTS