Saturday, June 03, 2006


What a weekend! I've been working since Thursday at a fiber market/show in the area. My official duty was fabric cutting, which means that I was on my feet constantly cutting and tearing fabrics and talking to customers. I'm not much of a salesperson, but I was pretty proud of myself when I offered a suggestion to a lady and she followed through with a purchase. Other than that, I found out that I'm not cut out for retail. It's hard to deal with people, especially when you're bending over backwards to please them and you can't even allow customers to make mistakes (the customer is always right). Yet, this year has been better than others. The booth I was in was huge and there was a lot of space to move around in. I did get in some knitting during quiet moments and I ate way too much junk food. The days were long and booth takedown was hard work. Tomorrow I have to be up early for church and then I hope to crash in the afternoon and refresh myself before starting a one week 8-5 job, and then a babysitting job on Saturday. It will all be over next Sunday, and I can hardly wait for a breather. After all, summers are for leisurely, warm, sleepy days in which your main concern is how to keep cool... which book to read next... which knitting project to start... Or so I thought it would be. :-)

Actually, I'm very thankful that God has given me the opportunity to earn extra money as I am taking a trip this summer and I really did want to go to France debt-free (or, as debt-free as possible since taking a credit card over there is safer than taking cash). I am also grateful for the good health He has given me so that I can work and I'm also grateful for the fact that it all has/will have taken place in two weeks' time and then will be complete. Better to get it all done in one sweep, in my opinion.

Due to the fact that I will be up early every morning of next week and will have to catch up on things around home in the evenings, I doubt that I will be posting much more than my 46 Questions series. But you are all probably grateful that this opinionated young lady's mouth will be closed for a little while at least. :-)

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