Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our Big Sale

Last week we had a one day "garage" (more like a driveway/yard) sale with some dear friends who drove in from their farm over 50 miles away to share in our sale. They brought with them an entire stock trailer stuffed with boxes full of things to sell, lots of really, really good food like meat from their own livestock (later turned into delicious hamburgers), "sweet feed"( granola), a to-die-for chocolate cake, Dublin Dr. Peppers (oh, I was so excited to see those!) and more, with plenty of fun and laughter besides. We all had quite a day of visiting, eating and just having fun and enjoying each other's company. Now that is my idea of how to have a successful garage sale! :-)

Below are some random shots from our day, taken by our lovely garage sale "co-host", Mrs. Molder.


Mrs. Molder said...

It was a wonderful day!!! Good friends, good food, good staff doing most of the work... and we got paid for doing it - I LOVE MY JOB!!!! Shelbi, you did a very good job describing the day - and I loved the captions with the photos!!! My children will be impressed that they are on the internet :)

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

Hi Mrs. Molder!
I'm so glad that you enjoyed my post and pictures. It was a lot of fun, and it was a blast writing about our wonderful day together!

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