Thursday, June 29, 2006

Douglas Wilson on Modesty

"The sin of immodesty is not a light matter. Nor is it a problem that can be isolated to this or that individual. We are God’s covenant people, and we worship Him together. We live together. Modesty in Christian women is therefore a very obvious indicator of whether or not Christian people understand who they are.

"We clearly have a need for reformation—doctrinal and practical infidelity on the part of God’s people is described throughout Scripture as adultery. And immodesty in Scripture is characterized as an invitation to ery. So whenever a woman dresses in an immodest fashion, she is making a statement (although perhaps unintended) about the condition of the evangelical church today. Her statement is a public one—and not measured by what she says her intentions are—and that statement is I am easy. So the reason we have so much immodesty in Christian women today is that they are the Church in miniature. Too many women look cheap and easy because the Christian Church looks cheap and easy."

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Deacon Phoebe said...

Modesty is good, and I commend you for tackling this subject. However, Doug Wilson holds no credibility, and is doing serious damage to the witness of the Body of Christ. He has covered up the actions of a pedophile in his church, defends the actions of defrocked ministers who have been disciplined by their denominations, and practices an unholy "serrated edge" theology that is the furthest thing from Christ's love there is. So much of Wilson's approach is unbiblical, that it's probably unwise to quote even those parts of his work which are good, lest sheep be led astray.

Sarah said...

The previous comment is a sad contradiction. The poster speaks of Mr. Wilson's "serrated edge" theology as being the "furthest thing from Christ's love there is," and yet the entire tone of their comment is equally as far from Christ's love. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

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