Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mount Desert Island

It has become my belief since arriving here on Mount Desert Island that there is simply nothing more wonderful or refreshing as waking up in the morning to a room flooded with sunlight; to step out onto the upper deck, feel the crisp (and rather chilly) fall air, and see a burst of color as the surrounding trees wave their leaf-laden branches in a seeming welcome to the new day.

We arrived in Acadia quite late on Wednesday, when it was too dark too see anything more than large, ominous shapes in front of us as we drove. In the light of the following day, our breath was taken away when we drove the same road (as we left the island for grocery shopping), to see that what were dark objects were actually mountains and trees - a welcoming sight for those of us who live in a large, flat, and rather ugly metropolis. :)

Our cottage is not an old one like some here on the island, but is very charming and comfortable. Near our cottage is a path that leads along a quiet brook, past small waterfalls, and out into the quiet Northeast Harbor.

It is very lovely here, with sprawling mountains to explore, glorious fall colors to see, exquisite fauna covering the ground everywhere, and a gleaming sea that crashes against the rocks. It is a quiet retreat away from the many things that contrive to keep us busy in our large metropolitan area. I may never want to return home...

Pictures to follow! :)

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