Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goin' Home

I unwittingly spoke too soon when I said stories and pictures were on the way (alas, I only have a couple to share). I had no idea at the time that my brothers would upload all of 10 pictures from the hundreds they must have taken in the week we have been here. I am sure that all the pictures will be uploaded when we get back home tomorrow, and I will hopefully have a post ready to share sometime this weekend.

We have all been feeling rather despondent on our last day in Northeast Harbor. Mount Desert Island has grown on us by no gradual leap, and we are simply not ready to go home just yet. If we could stay to enjoy the sun's rays filtering through the trees, the sprawling mountains bordering the quiet harbors, the magnificent seascapes visible from almost anywhere, the boats pulling into the harbor and unloading the day's catch, the water from the sea spraying upwards from it's collision with the rocky shore, and the mist rising from the mountains in the rain... if we could only stay in this beautiful place a little longer.

To lessen the bittersweet departure, we have been speaking of "when" and not "if" we return. :)
I climbed a total of 4 mountains during our stay. Hunter and Parker climbed 5. Together we summited 4. The above and below photos are pictures that were taken as we ascended Gorham Mountain last week.

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