Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spring Piano Recital

That time of year again...

When Parker and Lexi must perform in a piano recital.

It's a family trait to be nervous before a performance. Nothing you can do helps. We have a cousin who even tried hypnosis once (didn't work).

But once they get going, Parker and Lexi perform beautifully.

Parker played Prelude op. 28, no. 15 by Chopin.

Lexi played Etude op. 10, no. 3 by Chopin and Rhapsody in E flat major, op. 119 by Brahms.

They were the last ones to close out the recital. The thunderous applause following both of their performances was either for them or for the fact that the recital was finally over and the nodding heads in the audience could at last go hit their pillows at home.

Here Lexi poses post-performance.

Lexi reflecting in the empty hall.

She decides to be dramatic for the camera (above and below).

Hunter sits outside of the hall.

Here Landon played with his camera while waiting for everyone to finish visiting and doing reception clean-up.

All pictures were taken by Landon.

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