Monday, March 09, 2009

Warped Beauty

While I am not a feminist and despise the lies that our feminist culture has taught to generations of men and women, I do think that feminists often see a problem that a lot of women can't see - but unfortunately feminists then overreact to these problems, spewing out lies mixed with truth. (And isn't that how our enemy always deceives us?)

That said, I appreciated this Q&A in the NYT magazine yesterday with Susie Orbach. It will take you maybe two minutes to read, but it is so refreshing to see someone take a stand against weight and beauty obsessions! Our culture is so consumed with a media-induced, fabricated ideal of "beauty", one that resembles nothing actually good or obtainable. We women are made to believe that skeletal bodies are ideal and that perfect, flawless faces, hair styles, and fashion are more to be desired than, say, character, gentleness, or intelligence. I am determined to stand against the lies of this world and instead want to encourage women, young and old, to accept the way that God made you and not to buy into a false idea of beauty. Seek instead to reflect and radiate the love of Christ. The most beautiful people I have ever known were not so because they looked like (insert celebrity) but because they radiated the love of Christ.

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