Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Again, Home Again...

To state the obvious, I'm back. It was a great visit this year to the land of palm trees and sunshine.

We tried to sight some manatees this year:
But alas, had just missed two manatees swimming right below the observation deck. I did get a stingray sighting, so my hour there was not a total loss.

We also camped out on the beach for an afternoon. I expected another sunburn, instead I got a slight tan. Something is better than nothing, I guess. :) Anyway, I was exhausted from my airport adventures of the day previous (which is a blog post in itself) and enjoyed relaxing in the surf and sun on a private beach. I even found a huge shark tooth in the water. I was excited until I realized - there would have to be sharks swimming nearby if their teeth were to be found on the beach. I wasn't so sure about going into the water after that...

The next day we found this:
What an exciting find! They didn't have much, but I did find a funny book for Kathryn and two funny books for me. I then read from my new Wodehouse every available chance I got for the remaining week.

The bookstore was downtown and within walking distance of a park,
where we saw these:

I got to see and visit with friends, old and new. I attended this conference and learned about the Holiness of God (free webcast videos are available for a limited time - go quick and watch the sessions, and esp. take time to watch Dr. Sinclair Ferguson's sessions!).

I had many adventures - funny, scary, and thrilling.

I loved being there, but, as always, I loved coming back home again. :)

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