Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Veep Controversy

I can't quite articulate yet how I feel about the choice of Sarah Palin for McCain's VP. I am currently reading articles from both sides of the issue and thinking it through, trying my best to form an opinion that is concise, consistent with my beliefs, and made through the understanding of what God says in his word. This is not easy, but I'm willing to hear both sides, those who say she is not qualified based on the the theology of complementarianism and those who say she is qualified because Scripture may/may not apply to her as a civil leader. I am not sure it applies to her anyway because it doesn't seem as though she is a faithful believer. She just seems to be a "good girl", one who does not do "bad" things and who says all the "right" things. Can we then apply Scripture to her situation? Does she really represent Christian women? On the other hand, what are the consequences of a woman who takes the position of second highest office in the land? There will be no going back from there and the next step will be a female commander in chief. Is this wise? Are we inviting God's judgement if we vote for her? But then, what about the third party factor? Voting for anyone else truly does send that many more votes Obama's way. And his views which are anti-freedom, anti-religious, anti-everything but what the left deems is right from their point of view, seems far more dangerous to me than having a woman as a VP. I have said more than I thought I would, but you can see how this issue does bear a thoughtful searching of Scripture, prayer, and an informed decision one way or the other.

I will say one thing more: it is the presence of two kinds of thinking on the internet that are influencing me to vote for McCain. One is represented here in an unabashedly anti-life blog post from an MD practicing in the San Fransisco area. The other side is here. Both seem extreme and yet they both represent the illogical reasoning so prevalent in our culture. The one says that Trig Palin has no right to live (but then he goes on to praise the Palins for having him - where is the consistency? Either you believe all disabled infants should be killed or you don't). The other says that Sarah Palin is a mother who should be home. Bar none exceptions. My only problem with the latter's reasoning is that he never researches or considers any other viewpoint but his own and only wants to hear from those who agree with him. I think we should all be open to discussing this. Like I said before, this is not an easy decision that Christians should make, one way or the other.

And now I shut my mouth and will go back to reading and thinking. :-)


rockingchair said...

I'm impressed at this thoughtful and thorough post! It takes a lot of time to form educated opinions about politicians. It's difficult figure their true political philosophies and worldviews. So, well done!

Shelbi said...

Thank you! I'm so glad my rambling thoughts made sense. ;) We have had lots of discussions in the family about this and no one yet has come to a conclusion. This election is the most interesting one I can remember!

Anonymous said...


You are such a great writer. Very interesting points.
I figured out many years ago that I was a hypocrite. I love being a stay at home Mom and would like all like all of the nice people that I come in contact with to be able to stay at home like me. I want my daughter and my friends daughters to get married, have kids, stay at home, home school, etc. BUT I want a female OB/Gyn… I want female nurses in the LDR room… I want female nurses checking on my after babies are born… I want female nurses taking care of my babies in the hospital & ICU – I want them to care for my babies with a loving mother heart.
Then I thought what if there weren’t women in the workforce? Would we have Bath & Body Works? I don’t think that we would ever have had nicely furnished LDR rooms in the hospitals? Where would the knitting and yarn stores be? What about Jo-Ann’s – I don’t think Joe would have a hobby store? I wonder where the makeup industry would be without women’s influence? I need to quit thinking along those lines – I am realizing that I am a BIGGER hypocrite than I thought I was!!! LOL

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

Hi Mrs. Molder, thanks for commenting! I, too, am so conflicted. We talk about this a lot around here. ;) I also like female doctors/nurses. What about female teachers, whether in Sunday School or in public/private schools? What about women over men at department stores (manager is a woman, clerk is a male)? It seems that we tolerate a lot already and only now are we thinking through this issue, now that a woman seeks one of the highest offices in the land. It doesn't seem so unnatural when we already have Supreme Court justices who are female, a Secretary of State who is female, and senators and governors who are female. Have we been living in blissful apathy or in pointed indifference all these years? It seems like such a confusing issue. I guess my biggest problem at this point is that Sarah Palin has young children who need her. If she were older, with grown children, I don't think I would have as many reservations (beyond the issue of a woman as ruler question), but that she is in the process of raising her children, that seems very different. But, you know, I really, really don't want Obama as president, as I feel that more evil would be caused by his rule than by Sarah Palin's. Will we invite more judgment from having Obama as a ruler, and all the murderous (as a pro-abortion candidate), statist laws he will effect, or from having a woman to rule over us (slightly that is, as McCain is the Presidential nominee). It just seems that we are choosing the lesser of two evils. The hard thing is not knowing what is down the road...
Thanks for weighing in! :-)