Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Birthday...

...it rolls around once a year. When I was a child, it felt like an eternity in between birthdays. Now they come faster and faster. Thankfully I have a wonderful surrounding of family and friends who helped me to celebrate another turned year. I'm so thankful for all the comments (and wow, one from Korea! Thanks, Brian!), emails, text messages, and phone messages that I received. I feel so very special! :-)

Here are a few photos Landon took during the day:

My breakfast table, complete with roses.

Delicious breakfast treat of blueberry muffins.
(one of the many perks of still living at home as an adult: your family still goes all out for birthdays!) :)

What's in the box?
'Twill be opened and shared later.

Birthday candles.
And no, I'm not 5... My family just didn't feel like fitting 20 more candles on there. :)

Bendel celebrated too.


Anonymous said...

What was in the box????

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

Answer coming soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday a little late. A friend sent me a note about your blog and birthday. I am sorry that a couldn't post sooner, but I said a prayer and happy birthday for you. Those maccaroons look wonderful.
F.O.E.M. (Friend of Edie Molder)
Peanut's Mom

Shelbi said...

Thank you very much for the prayer and birthday message! I have been so blessed by all the messages from family, friends, and people I have never even met! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it F.O.E.M. - that is too funny!!! I needed a laugh tonight!!!

Shelbi, you will have to ask me about Peanut's Mom - that is even how I email her and have her phone # in my phone.

Mrs. Molder