Friday, May 30, 2008

New Reading Statistics

From a Random House/Zogby poll:
Despite the growing availability of other formats for reading-such as online or with an e-book reader or PDA-- the vast majority of readers still like to read the old-fashioned way - 82% said they prefer to curl up with a printed book over using the latest in reading technology, a new Random House/Zogby poll shows. Women (85%) are more likely than men (79%) to say they prefer reading printed books. Reading printed books also has greater appeal among older respondents, although it is by far the preferred method among all age groups.

Just 11% of respondents said they are comfortable reading books in other formats, such as online or with an e-book reader or PDA. Men (13%) are more open than women (8%) to reading books in other formats, as are 13% of those younger than age 30, compared to just 6% of those age 65 and older.

And yes, most of the polled readers admitted to judging a book by it's cover.

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rockingchair said...

Speaking of reading, how's the Eric Liddell book?

Shelbi said...

It's really good! His life story is so much more interesting than the movie version (and I do like the movie, but still...). It's nice to learn about his life after winning his Olympic medal. :-)