Monday, May 05, 2008

Myanmar Death Toll: 15,000

This is so tragic. My heart goes out to the people in Myanmar. I am curious about the Christians there since it is a country under an oppressive military rule and non-Buddhists are often persecuted.* It makes me sad to think of the many people swept into eternity so quickly. Sometimes I reflect complacently on the globalization taking place, the new missionary outreaches which were previously unavailable to closed countries. This tragedy reminds me that the work is far from over, every day people are dying who have never heard of Christ and the cross. I hope I shall never again be complacent and satisfied to sit back while others perish. Even if I can't go to Myanmar personally, I can go there in prayer.

If you are interested in praying more specifically for this impoverished nation, here are some websites with information:

Myanmar country profile and statistics on wikipedia

Persecution of Christians

Pictures of the devastation and more here

CNN story of the disaster

*From wikipedia:
Many religions are practiced in Burma and religious edifices and religious orders have been in existence for many years and religious festivals can be held on a grand scale. The Christian populations do, however, face religious persecution and it is hard, if not impossible, for non-Buddhists to join the army or get government jobs, the main route to success in the country.Such persecution and targeting of civilians is particularly notable in Eastern Burma, where over 3000 villages have been destroyed in the past ten years.

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