Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

I won't divulge my Mom's new age today, but here is a list, compiled by her children, of 50 reasons why we love her:

1. Funny
4.Great Cook
5. Caring
6. Faithful
7. Happy
8. Loving
9. Fruitful
11. Intelligent
12. Optimistic
13. Truthful
14. Hospitable
15. Fun to Be With
16. Capable
17. Lovable
18. Honorable
19. Feminine
20. Soft-Hearted
21. Gracious
22. Joyful
23. Giving
24. Kind
25. Diligent
26. Good Mentor
27. Creative
28. Motherly
29. Compassionate
30. Uplifting
31. Humble
32. Thoughtful
33. Encouraging
34. Godly
35. Patient
36. Gentle
37. Best Gravy Maker
38. Comforting
39. A Friend
40. Beautiful
41. Faithful Wife to Dad
42. Merciful
43. Resourceful
44. Best at Reading Aloud
45. Homemaker
46. Teacher
47. Creates Best Traditions
48. Loves Truth
49. Best Sock Knitter
In fact, we think that she is just about:
50. Perfect

Love ya, Mom!!
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Anonymous said...

Great List!!!

Did yall each work up a list and then come together (if so was there one item that was on everyone's list)?

Love the picture, too :)

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

Actually, Ashley was the brains behind it and she had already made up quite a list before we began adding to it. We made it into a poster for the wall.

Probably the first thing out of everyone's mouth was "Best Cook/Gravy Maker". :-)We did have to cross out "duplicates" and "same meaning" words, but other than that, everyone pretty much came up with at least one or two unique words to describe Mom. :-)