Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bad Blogger!

I had spent a good part of my morning writing about Day #6 in France. As I neared the end of my description of that day, I decided to save the post and finish it later as I still had the evening's events of that day to write about. I clicked "Save as Draft", then checked it in my drafts page to be sure it was really saved (I have had one too many bad experiences). It was, so I let it be until this evening when I signed back on and noticed - horrors! - that my post wasn't there. I got a little panicky and tried to recover the post, but it was as though it didn't exist. There wasn't even a saved blank (like another of my bad experiences). It just isn't visible and I'm very baffled as to why. This is just another in the continuation of bad Blogger experiences and I am seriously considering switching to another blog server. Anyway, I hope to resolve the problem, whatever it is, and resume my saga on Monday.

See you then!

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