Saturday, July 29, 2006

Frustrations in France

I had prepared a post on Day 2 with pictures and lots of descriptive text to accompany them that took me forever to write, only to lose it all in cyberspace. I keep trying to post the pictures and they are not showing up. However, Blogger shows my last update was today, so something very bizarre is occuring. I don't have time to mess with it tonight as I am very tired from a hike in the countryside and I will be up early (as I have been ever since arriving) and I am somewhat sore not just from the hike, but also from climbing the narrow, winding, claustrophobic-inducing stairway to a tower that is part of an abbey built in 1031 (I think - it was 10something definitely) that is now in a lot of ruins. Anyway, all that to say...

Next post coming Monday. And if you should happen to see many multiple posts on here until then, just blame Blogger and Picasa for that. :-)


Trent said...

Are you sore, too? Oh, wait... I'm sore because I jumped out of an airplane at 14,500 feet... different kind of soreness... Nice pictures of France, though... I'd like to skydive there someday!

Shelbi said...

Wow. I think your adventure rivals all of mine put together. So how does it feel to have finally done somethng you've always wanted to do? :-)

Shelbi said...

Southwest France would be great for skydiving. The terrain is very lush and you'd probably land in a vineyard. At worst, an ancient cemetary. :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the time difference that is the problem with posting... your today is our almost tomorrow - then good can you tell me what we should have for supper tonight - since maybe you have already had yours???

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

It seems as though the big problem is my trying to post from Picasa with pictures. I will try it again and if it still does not work I am going to download new software. Hopefully, the next time you check I'll have already fixed it! :-)

Shelbi said...

Hmmm, suggestions for dinner... Let's see, you could do a replica of my dinner the other night:
Appetizer #1: Escargot
Appetizer #2: Cuttlefish
Entree: Duck breast with spicy red sauce, roasted vegetables and rice.

Or, you could replicate Ashley's:
Appetizer #1: Escargot
Appetizer #2: Foie Gras and sauce
Entree: Cod

Or, you could eat French easy, which personally is my favorite:
chocolate pastries or bread and cheese.
How's that for a suggestion? :-)

Trent said...

Thanks for the skydiving tip! You want to go with me next time?

Shelbi said...

Ummmm.... I'll get back to you on that one. ;-)