Saturday, April 29, 2006

Together for the Gospel

I haven't had too much time to read all of the wonderful blog posts that have come out of the Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville this week, but what I have been able to read I have already been enriched by it. I know that this conference was for pastors, but there is still so much that was said that can most definitely be applied to the rest of us.

Visit Tim Challies' blog for detailed live blogging from the event. Visit Provocations and Pantings for photos from the conference and a blog-roll of attendees (none of whose blogs I have visited, but if you want more conference details and pics, you're sure to find it on at least one of those blogs). Also, the TFTG blog where some of the speakers have participated in lively, enlightening discussions over the past couple of months has been a lot of fun to read and I hope it doesn't end with the conference.

Reading all about the conference has reminded me that I never did finish putting up my notes from the Ligonier conference, so I shall attempt to post more on that next week.


Gunny said...

That would be great if you would share your Ligonier conference notes. I'm sure that was a great conference as well.

Gunny said...
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