Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I know it's hard to believe this, but we really do have a spring season in Texas. For the short length of time that Spring visits us we enjoy gorgeous weather, verdant foliage and blooming flowers. After another thirty days, however, we will return to the perpetual, everlasting summer season when the weather turns hot , the earth dries up and there won't be a flower alive and blooming within 100 miles. It is no wonder then that I often find myself outside, enjoying every cool breeze that blows over me and sniffing every flower that exudes an inviting scent, all the time wishing that it could last longer than it does.

I am so glad that my younger brother, Landon, has been taking pictures of my Mom's garden as it will be such a pleasure to look at the pictures in the middle of July, and be reminded that the summer doesn't last forever... That after all of the heat, there is at least one, maybe two, months of pure, enjoyable Spring.

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