Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Worst Ideas of the 2000's

The Washington Post lists what it thinks were the worst ideas marking the decade. Not surprisingly, the BlackBerry is included in the list ("Once upon a time, elevator rides were silent..."). Other worst ideas included are the endless sports season ("Selfishly, we should... care because day by day, sports is eating up more of our time. And more time is one thing even ESPN can't give us"), the prosperity gospel (although this has been around for so long that it should have been included on a "worst ideas of the last century" list instead), and even tv dancing competitions ("This was the TV decade of the real and the grotesquely unreal"). The list, while interesting, is hardly conclusive. I would have also added Facebook and Twitter, as both of those have contributed to the growing egoisom that will surely be a mark of this generation.

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