Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mount Desert Island: Day 1

At last, I have gotten around to posting more pictures! :)

Our cottage during our stay on Mount Desert Island.
The cozy living room where we curled up with books in the evenings.
The upper deck, which overlooked the Asticou Gardens behind the cottage
The Asticou Gardens

After rambling around the gardens a bit on our first morning there, Ashley, Hunter, Parker, Landon and I wandered across the street where we saw this:
hmm, why not? we thought.
We were soon upon some truly inspiring scenery...
across a rickety wooden bridge, over fern and fallen leaves, the path eventually wound out to the quiet harbor
Hunter was the first to take off his shoes and wade through the shallow water and onto this rock
where he blended in nicely with the fall colors :)
I couldn't resist getting my feet wet and taking a turn on that smooth rock
where, alas, my purple shirt clashed horrendously with nature
After a day of island exploration (on foot and in the car), we were ready for a hike.
Here we all are, about to start out on our first (and only, due to a couple of people getting sick during our trip) hike
It was cold, in case you can't tell from the picture ;)
thank goodness for blue trail markers!

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