Tuesday, January 13, 2009

San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival 2009

We made a last-minute, whirlwind trip to San Antonio last week to see the film offerings at the SAICFF. The festival offers the largest cash prize in the US, so there were many competing semi-finalist films to watch. I saw Expelled for the first time and liked it (but had to leave 1/2 way through as I wanted to hear RC Sproul, Jr. speak), saw Fireproof for the first time, liked it but have a few reservations about it. Kirk Cameron, who starred in Fireproof (and who is much better in it than in his other films) visited and spoke at the festival, as well as the producers of Fireproof, Expelled, and Amazing Grace. I will hopefully write much more about the festival later on, but in summary for this post, it was a lot of fun and we are already anticipating returning in 2010.
Some pictures for your enjoyment, all taken by Landon.

Walking into the festival, held at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

Looking through the festival guide, trying to choose which movies to see.

Landon and Mom walking on their way to the festival.

Hunter doing... I don't know what. ;)

On the riverwalk.

Parker at the convention center.

Lexi and Parker outside of the Lila Cockrell theater .

On the riverwalk at the convention center.

Lexi and Ashley are caught coming up the escalator - deep in film discussion?

The Saturday evening awards ceremony was impressive. We have been attending this for 4 years out of 5 and it has definitely come a long way from it's beginnings.

Charlie Zahm leads in the National Anthem.

Ken Carpenter of Franklin Springs Family Media wins the best documentary award for The Terri Schiavo story (one of the best films presented at the festival, in my opinion).

Best of the festival offerings was the Von Trapp's (great grandchildren of the Captain and Maria) performance on Friday night and again at the awards ceremony on Saturday. Although I was constantly running into them at the festival and at our hotel, I somehow never got the courage to tell them I liked their version of Edelweiss much better than Christopher Plummer's. :)

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