Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Day at The Dallas World Aquarium

We took the time during a visit with family from out-of-town to spend a day at the aquarium. It was their first time and our second (after 7 years). This is only a small sampling of all that we saw there.
You start by going up to the third level and following the spiraling walkway down. Along the way you encounter the animals.
Above is the waterfall at the beginning of the walk.

Some flamingos on the way.

A view of the waterfall from the second level.

The huge 22,000 gallon salt water tank from an above ground view. You can see the people in the tunnel below if you look closely.

The tunnel through the tank. A very popular place for both kids and adults as it provides a great view of the various sea life in the tank, with sharks being the most popular attraction (and the shark feeding the most anticipated).

One of many aquariums.

This makes me think of Finding Nemo. :)

Other than the penguins and sharks, the octopus has to be one of the main attractions at the DWA. Adults and children alike all pushed and crowded around this exhibit.
Not sure where the intrigue and curiosity over the octopus comes from. Maybe an obsession with sea monsters?
Manatees at the aquarium like to put on a show for their audience. They swam to the window, turned somersaults (imagine an animal weighing well over a ton doing that on land!) and occasionally flicked their tails to the people watching from the above ground level.
Aquarium manatee cam here.

My beautiful mom and sis.

Howler monkeys. They are much quieter than their name suggests.

Sea otters are ugly but fascinating. They are big on hamming it up for their visitors. They had to be the most visitor-conscious, ego-driven animals there! :)
Aquarium otter cam here.

Sisters having fun (as usual)


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oh that likes fun we may have to go there.

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You would love it! :-)

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