Friday, March 28, 2008

More Cupcakes

Take a look at these delectable looking chocolate peanut butter mousse-filled vegan cupcakes.
who'd have thought??

My favorite place to visit for an unforgettable cupcake is Sprinkles Cupcakes. It just happens to be very (dangerously) close to our church and offers the ultimate in cupcake eating. I am not kidding. You just thought that cupcakes were for kids' birthday parties.

Note to self: must take friend SW to their Phoenix location... ;-)


rockingchair said...

SW would be VERY HAPPY to attend the Phoenix location!

Shelbi said...

I was thinking that a trip to Sprinkles' Phoenix location would work out very nicely if we attended the Ligonier conference there. ;-)

Of course, you can always come try out our local one...