Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kathryn at 1 Month

It's hard to believe that she is a month old already!

Pawpaw and Kathryn

Kathryn and Mimi
(and Uncles Hunter and Landon trying not to get in the picture, but who make it in anyway)

Aunt Lexi gets a moment with her niece.

Uncle Parker and Kathryn

Kathryn looks over my shoulder as I help her tummy get rid of it's bubbles. ;)


Anonymous said...

all of the pictures!!!

I would love to get to hold her!!

And I would love to hear the story how your Mom got the name MiMi - Love it!!

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

We will have to arrange a meeting sometime when she is at our house.:) She is so wonderful to hold, very snuggly and loves to coo at us.

Mom really wanted something different from the norm for a name and was inspired by my grandparents (Gran and Grandad) who picked out-of-the-ordinary names for their time and which were easy on their grandkids to say. Her first choice was Gigi, but Gran claimed that, so Mom went with Mimi, which I think fits her very well. :)