Monday, June 25, 2007

Weird Story: ran this story about a man who sued the owners of a dry cleaning business for a whopping $54 million over a pair of missing pants.

The trial proved nearly as dramatic -- and unusual -- as the plaintiff's claims. On the witness stand, Pearson broke down in tears and had to take a break from his testimony because he became too emotional while questioning himself about his experience with the missing trousers.

Repeatedly referring to himself as "we," Pearson sought to present himself as the leader of a class of tens of thousands, if not a half million people, consisting of local residents he believes are at risk of falling for such insidious business practices as posting "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service" signs.

"Mr. Pearson, you are not 'we.' You are an 'I,'" Bartnoff told him.

(I had to laugh at that one)

It gets better.

I can't believe crazy people like that are allowed to roam free... Thank goodness in this case, justice was indeed served.

HT: Justin Taylor

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