Thursday, March 22, 2007

Relaxing at the Lexington

After a full, fun-filled day driving around Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, we headed back into Orlando to find our downtown hotel.

I loved my room's color scheme. Light blue walls, chocolate carpet and pillows, dark wood furniture and white/natural accents.
Fluffy towels and delightful bath accessories greeted us.
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Anonymous said...


How funny I typed "loverly" instead of lovely - we sometimes say loverly in our family as in "ain't that loverly" with hic accents of course!!

I really meant to say...
"HOW LOVELY" - but I was also going to say that the hotel that Rachel and I will stay in for the goat show will not be this nice!!! We will probably be forced to say - "ain't that loverly"!!!

You know the towels say alot about a place...
Did we ever tell you our story about "SNOWLINE MOTEL" close to Sequoia National Forest???

Looking at the pictures - they have upgraded since Mr. Molder, Rachel, and I stayed there when I was pregnant with Nathanael.
I had envisioned more of what we see in the pictures now - not a room with someone's leftover underware from a previous visit, a 5 blade ceiling fan that only had 3 blades remaining, and towels that had holes in them whcih was a releif to use after you stepped out of the wobbling mildewed shower. We had planned on staying our first evening after the long drive just relaxing in our mountain "cabin" instead we immediately headed to the natinal park and had our supper that might have included bears for guests. Dealing with a bear would have made going back there to sleep sound welcoming. And there was no SLEEPING LATE - we wanted out of there as quick as we were conscious.

Rachel was only 3 - but she remembers the experience vividly!!! Such a tramatic event for a little girl.

I almost lost my revervation making priveleges - but anytime we go anywhere new - they remind me of snowline and that this new place had better be good!!! Forget REMEMBER THE ALAMO - it is REMEMBER SNOWLINE around here.

Mrs. Molder

Shelbi said...

Too funny!!! :-)

Two years ago Ashley found a Travelodge at Disney that we could stay in for cheap. It was a very big hotel and seemed to be a good deal. We got there only to find a bathroom with mildew, a room that smelled like mold, dirty carpet and very loud teenagers/kids running up and down the halls day and night. After that experience I have taken over making the hotel reservations. :-) I must say that it seems a very mild experience compared to yours, however. ;-)