Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It's days like this one when you probably wish that you had Apple stock. If you don't already, that is. I'm just assuming my readers don't. It's up, incidentally, by 11%. Why? Only because these new iWonders were revealed:

The new iPhone.

To make a call, users can tap out the number on an onscreen keypad or scroll through their contacts and dial with a single touch.

Apple is also introducing what it calls "visual voicemail," so users can jump to the most important messages rather than have to listen to all of them in order.

The phone supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology and can detect location from Global Positioning System satellites. It also can send and display e-mail and text messages. Apple is partnering with Yahoo Inc. on Web-based e-mail and Google Inc. on maps.

With a few finger taps, Jobs demonstrated how to pull up a Google Maps site and find the closest Starbucks to the Moscone Center. He then prank-called the cafe and ordered 4,000 lattes to go before quickly hanging up.

It does even more. Read the rest here. See more pics here.

I'm starting my phone savings now. And rethinking the switch to T-Mobile.

The new Apple TV.

The gadget is designed to bridge computers and television sets so users can more easily watch their downloaded movies on a big screen. A prototype of the gadget was displayed by Jobs in September when Apple announced it would sell TV shows and movies through its iTunes online store.

I must confess that the tv doesn't hold the same appeal as the iPhone. I do like the design, though.

A small change in the name: Apple Computers, Inc. becomes Apple, Inc.
I wondered when they would change. Glad to see everything done at once. Nice efficiency.


Trent said...


There are phones that have been out for a long time now with GPS, MP3, WiFi, Bluetooth, pop access, and touch screen. In fact, the iPhone doesn't have EDGE capability. Samsung's phones are as thin and boast 3.2 megapixel photos.

Tell me again what the hype is all about...?

Apple cornered the market with the iPod because there were few contenders in the mp3 market at the time. Unfortunately, there are too many grown-ups in the phone market for this new kid on the block. The only reason Apple will be successful (and they will) is the cult of the brand.

One day, that too will burst.


Trent said...
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Trent said...

"But as the hype piled up Jobs told us we were witnessing history and he was going to reinvent the telephone - some doubts crept in."

click here for BBC story

Trent said...

Isn't it strange that Apple would call it an iPhone? After all, Linksys did get there first. :-)

Trent said...

I said EDGE, but I meant 3G. Sorry.

Shelbi said...

I was just sayin'... :-)

Shelbi said...

Can I help it that Apple succeeds at making appealing, consumer-friendly devices? The phone still looks good to me, though I admit the price doesn't.

Shelbi said...

I'm wondering if the price will go down any when they hear about the complaints people are making about it? Of course, people will still pay to have it. Apple, like Starbucks, knows that they don't just have consumers, they have addicts. You know, the people who are so hooked onto something that they may gripe about the price, but they would rather pay it and have the product than not.

Just my thoughts...

Trent said...

Yup, you're right... they're called brand cults. :-) Sure, the iPhone looks cool... I'll grant it that... but will it have a replacable battery? Will the touch screen smudge too much? Will it break easily if dropped or sat on? Is the vibrate function going to be strong enough? I'm savin' up for my Nokia, BlackBerry, Treo or Sony thank you very much. :-)