Thursday, February 23, 2006

End Of The Spear

I am a little late to weigh in on the End of The Spear controversy (for a good reason as this blog was only started a few days ago), but now is just as good of a time as any, especially since I came across this piece by Marvin Olasky just yesterday when I picked up last week's issue of WORLD magazine (which had been hiding in my brother's bookshelf). I am not a fan of Marvin Olasky's by any definition, but I had to appreciate his delicate handling of a volatile issue. He maintained an even handed, calm tone even as he looked at both sides of the controversy, which is more than what I can say for most of the articles and blog posts that I have read since the movie's release and the subsequent revealing of Chad Allen's homosexuality. Skip everything else and just read this; you'll cover more ground and save time, and also be treated to a truly professional, gracious response to the movie's controversy.

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